Are you ready to create your own magnificent life? To clear the way and free the energy that is keeping you stuck or repeating the same old patterns?


Do you have a burning desire for more? Do you feel you are here to make an impact and you're ready to step into that next version of you? 


You are capable of so much more.  

Your Soul knows it and wants to show you the way.


Are you ready to let go of the beliefs that no longer serve you?


In these powerful coaching sessions we explore:

  • What you truly want and desire.

  • How you Manifest these desires.

  • Anything that has been holding you back

  • How you move forward and create the impact you want.



Are you ready to claim your magnificent life? No more waiting, this is your time.

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This package contains 6 x 90 minutes coaching sessions with me plus free access to the Manifest Your Magnificent Life Program (Value $444).

Payment plan available.

$1497 USD

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Special offer
$8 USD

Abundance Prayer

Add this practice to your daily

routine for 30 days and be open to receive all that is waiting for you

6 Session Bundle

Manifest Your Magnificent Life Online Course


Learn my step by step proven formula to manifest your soul's desires. You will learn everything you need to take your life to the next level!

These are the steps that I use and transformed me from feeling lost, unconfident and out of control, to feeling completely free. Free to be my true self. Free to follow what lights me up. Free of judgement and stress. Free to be truly happy. 

$444 USD

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In just 5-10 minutes a day, learn to calm your mind, clear energetic blockages and access your intuition to transform your life. 

$97 USD

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     Are you ready to become the highest version of you?     


This is for you if you are ready to claim what you really want from life, to take your life or business to the next level, and are ready to release the layers of conditioning to find the true you. I will give you the coaching, mentoring and support you need to clear the blocks and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from becoming the best version of you. You with unlimited potential. 


Have you got big dreams and you know it is time to make these your reality?


Then you are ready for this VIP Package.


You will get 12 . 90 minute sessions which can be used over 3 - 12 months plus:

  • Free access to my Manifest your Magnificent life Program. (Price $444)

  • Abundance Accelerators programme (price $97)

  • Voxer support from me (Value $2000)

  • Access to the Awaken The Abundant You Community (Value $997)


I will show you how to rise into the next version of you and manifest all your desires with ease.


If you are ready to dive in book the first session now, the following sessions will be scheduled after booking.

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*option to pay in instalments available