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I am a trained coach, energy healer, Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner (known as tapping) ,Tarot card reader and let’s not forget straight talking badass who uses all of my skills to help you tap into who you truly are, what your deepest desires are and how you can bring these to life.

Who I am now is a million miles away from my old life. I have spent years digging deep and really understanding what lights me up. Now I feel free to follow my passion and feel truly aligned to who I am meant to be but this wasn't always the case. I never really knew how unhappy I was before, I just knew there was something more, I had this niggle deep inside and I was determined to find out what it was. Back then I felt alone, even though I was married. I had all the responsibility, all the burden and I felt fun was something kids do. I was uninspired and stuck in my career. Working for a string of horrible bosses that ripped my confidence to shreds and even with a good pay cheque money was always tight, always a battle.


I had a numb feeling everyday, a hum of dullness that was the norm. Like everything was vanilla and yet deep down I knew I had this fire inside me. A fire that was dying to be activated. 


My whole world changed once I claimed my power, I realised that it started with me. People say it takes one decision to change your life and it is so true. I decided one day, enough is enough and boy did the universe listen. All of a sudden the right people and mentors started appearing and my transformation journey began. I’m now divorced and in a happy healthy relationship, I am a Coach, an International Bestselling Author, Podcast Host and the burdens I used to feel are all a distant memory. I finally feel the freedom and pleasure I knew was possible. The fire inside is now running the show.  


So I am guessing you are here because you have that desire too. That desire for more. More passion, more pleasure, more freedom? It is my mission to help you do this. . To show you how you can free yourself from the vanilla existence we like to call life and light that fire inside you to live the life you deserve.




All my sessions are personally tailored so you can unleash your inner power, stop living your life on everyone else's terms and step into that next version of you.


I use a combination of techniques to dive deep into your desires and show you how to bring these to life.

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Listen to my podcast to get your weekly fix of no nonsense mindset and Manifesting advice. I share my own experiences and techniques I have used to give you tried and tested methods that you can adopt and apply to your own life.

Plus I interview some truly inspiring guests who share their own experiences on how they turned their life around and started to follow their passions.


Find your manifesting tribe. People who get you and support you are waiting for you now. Come and join my inspiring community, It's a really supportive Facebook group where people share, learn and encourage each other. Don't do this journey alone, find your Soul Tribe.


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I love, love, love meditation, it was one of the biggest game changers for me. Once I embraced meditation and energy healing my transformation skyrocketed, this is why I include both in all of my programs and sessions. 


If you are looking for something to get you started then click below to download the latest meditations and masterclasses. Learn to connect to the voice inside of you.


Hi there, I'm Rachel.

I support women who are ready to rise up, create impact and live life on their terms.

I am here to help the change makers, the dreamers, the visionaries. The women who are meant for so much more. 

We all have so much power and we are born to live a Magnificent life and I want to help you unleash this. My role is to show you how to let go of the hustle and attract your desires with ease and flow.

Start to Unleash the power within you. Grab my free energy healing now.


Hear from My Clients

"My session with Rachel was exactly what I needed today. I was looking for some answers and her reading confirmed everything I was feeling. The meditation and visualization she led me on at the end was transformative and so deeply healing. I highly recommend booking a session with Rachel, she's wonderful!"

"Working with Rachel was so awesome! The cards and guidence was spot on and helped me clear away resistance I have been feeling around a big decision and setting cleared boundaries. The meditation was so freeing and helped clear away resistance and sadness I have been feeling for some time. I left the session feeling lighter and happy. I definitely recommend Rachel for healing work. She has such an amazing intuitive gift. Her energy healing was so freeing and full of light. I can't wait to book with her again!"

Emily Aarons

Heather Doran

"Rachel is seriously amazing! I’m super new to readings and all things woo woo, so I was a little skeptical of what to expect from it truthfully. She blew me away. She explained every step she went through, answered any and all of my questions (there were MANY!), and did so graciously. The reading was such a good reminder of things I already knew but was hiding from, and that I am a unique soul on a unique journey. The one thing that really resonated and stuck with me was when she pulled a card that translated to my soul not being of this immediately sat in my heart and has stayed, reminding me that I am in this world, but not of it. She even told me the deck she used and recommended some for me to buy as well! She is such a beautiful soul that radiates joy, peace and happiness. I will 100% be going back for another reading from her, and I HIGHLY recommend her!!!!"

"I absolutely loved my reading with Rachel. The questions she asked of the cards were so spot on, I knew immediately that I would get tons of clarity from the reading, and she did not disappoint!
Rachel not only helped me see how things that had happened in the past were affecting my voice now, but also told me how to clear and forgive.
It was so fun, and so packed with information, I can't wait to book with you again Rachel!"

Jordan Egan

Erin Krohn

"Rachel’s readings are the best She channels messages and relays them in a real and honest way. Her insights from cards are on point and in depth. She helped me bring some things to surface that weren’t apparent to me before our session. Feeling light and free after Rachel cleared some inner child cords for me."

"I had the privilege of receiving a reading from Rachel today and it was absolutely amazing. She was spot on with her messages from spirit and the meditation at the end was incredibly transformative. Thank you for your guidance today! Such a gift!!"

Madeline Hollingsworth

Michelle Thomas

"I absolutely recommend Rachel! Rachel takes card reading to the next level with her coaching experience. This was an amazing session that I won't forget thanks to Rachel providing the colourful memento keepsake too."

"Really valuable time spent with Rachel on tapping and also trying to get to the root of issues. She is great at really trying to encourage you to open up and not give stock responses. Very helpful and would highly recommend a session."

Laura Horsburgh

"Had a brilliant reading from Rachel. Every card had a meaning to me and it really helped me understand my path. Will be having them again in the future and excited what's next from your time now! x"

Fenella Walton

"Rachel worked with me to prepare for an interview using the tapping technique. Her calmness, patience and wisdom helped me to make the changes I wanted, both for the interview and for other aspects of my life. 100% recommended!"

Abby Wilson

Jenny Kelly

"Rachel is amazing, I met her 2 years ago at work and she has helped me so much in every way that I can’t recommend her enough. She is one in a million, so happy she is doing this I know she will help so many people in different ways."

"Seriously cannot say enough about this amazing lady - wise beyond her years!"

Stacy Atkinson

Tricia Gearing

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“You are the main character in your story. Who's to tell you that you can't have fun?”

Rachel Chamley